Cash advance apps like Dave have become incredibly popular in recent years. Because they provide users with quick and easy access to short-term loans.

In 2024, statistics show that these alternative apps have experienced a significant increase in usage due to the higher demand for loans.

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What Is Dave Cash App?

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Dave Cash APP is a mobile application that helps you manage your money and avoid overdraft fees. It provides a safe and convenient way to track your spending and save money.

With Dave, you can get an advance on your paycheck to cover unexpected expenses before your next payday. It also offers insights into your spending habits and provides recommendations to help you save more.

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3+/5 rating 4.8/5 rating
10M+ Downloads 670.6K Ratings


  • Quick access to cash advances.
  • Budgeting tools and financial insights.


  • Membership fees.
  • Borrowing limitations.

17 Best Apps Like Dave Alternatives In 2024

Here we have listed the top 17 apps like Dave that you can use as an alternative.

1. Brigit

Image representing birgit app on apple store

Brigit is a mobile application that is in the category of cash advance apps. It serves as an alternative solution for managing short-term financial needs. It allows you to access cash advances of up to $250 by providing a convenient option for you to face unexpected expenses.

Play Store Apple Store
4.7/5 rating, 168k Reviews 4.8/5 rating
5M+ Downloads 271.2K Ratings


  • Instant cash advances
  • Fee management


  • Limited loan amount
  • Specific requirements must be met to qualify for cash advances.

2. Klover

Image representing Klover app on apple store

Klover is a mobile application that provides instant cash advances up to $200. It is designed to help individuals manage their short-term financial needs conveniently and quickly.

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4.3/5 rating, 56.8k Reviews 4.7/5 rating
1M+ Downloads 159.5K Ratings


  • It provides instant cash advances for emergencies.
  • It can apply for a cash advance easily from your mobile device.


  • Limited loan amount
  • Repayment requirements

3. MoneyLion

Image representing Moneylion app on apple store

MoneyLion is a mobile application that offers various financial services, including cash advances up to $500. It is designed to provide you with convenient access to quick funds for your financial needs.

Play Store Apple Store
4.5/5 rating, 108k Reviews 4.7/5 rating
5M+ Downloads 112.6K Ratings


  • Higher loan amount
  • Personalised coaching


  • Potential fees
  • App availability

4. Empower

Image representing Empower app on apple store

Empower is a financial management app that offers cash advances up to $250 along with additional features for managing your finances effectively.

Play Store Apple Store
4.1/5 rating, 15.2k Reviews 4.7/5 rating
1M+ Downloads 171K Ratings


  • Quick cash access
  • Comprehensive financial management


  • Loan limitations
  • Eligibility criteria

5. Chime SpotMe

Image representing Chime spotMe app on apple store

Chime SpotMe is a financial app that offers cash advances up to $200, emphasizing its fee-free approach to borrowing money.

Play Store Apple Store
4.6/5 rating, 581k Reviews 4.8/5 rating
10M+ Downloads 724K Ratings


  • Chime SpotMe does not charge fees for cash advances.
  • Easy access to cash


  • Maximum loan amount
  • Specific Eligibility requirements

6. Varo

Image representing Varo app on apple store

This app is designed to simplify your financial journey and provide the flexibility you need when faced with sudden emergencies. With Varo, you can gain access to cash advancements of up to $250 by ensuring that unexpected expenses are easily covered.

Play Store Apple Store
4.7/5 rating, 212k Reviews 4.9/5 rating
5M+ Downloads 189.3K Ratings


  • Fast and Easy Cash Advances
  • No Credit Checks


  • Limited Cash Advance Amount
  • Availability Restrictions

7. Cash App

Image representing Cash app on apple store

Cash App is a financial services platform that allows you to do more with your money. You can send and receive money, buy stocks or bitcoin, and even get exclusive discounts on everyday spending. It offers a faster and simpler way to bank without all the fees associated with traditional banks.

Play Store Apple Store
4.9/5 rating, 2.9M Reviews 4.8/5 rating
50M+ Downloads 5.8M Ratings


  1. Cash App is convenient.
  2. Cash App saves money.


  1. Cash App has limited features.
  2. Cash App trading carries risks.

8. Branch

Image representing Branch app on apple store

Branch is a user-friendly app that helps you access cash advances up to 50% of your pay. You can easily get the funds you need without dealing with credit checks or complex procedures. It simplifies your financial journey and gives you the flexibility to manage your money effectively.

Play Store Apple Store
4.4/5 rating, 31.2k Reviews 4.7/5 rating
1M+ Downloads 56.7K Ratings


  • Convenient Cash Advances
  • User-Friendly Experience


  • Limited to a Percentage of Pay
  • Availability Restrictions

9. Albert

Image representing Albert app on apple store

Albert is a user-friendly app that offers financial solutions, including cash advances, to help individuals manage their expenses effectively. As an alternative app to Dave, it provides cash advances of up to $250 by allowing users to access the funds they need quickly.

Play Store Apple Store
3+/5 rating 4.6/5 rating
5M+ Downloads 167.2K Ratings


  • Quick Cash Advances
  • User-Friendly Interface


  • Cash Advance Limitations
  • Eligibility Requirements

10. PayActiv

Image representing Payactiv app on apple store

PayActiv is an app that offers financial assistance including cash advances of up to $500 for individuals to quickly access their funds. It provides a user-friendly interface that simplifies the process of obtaining cash advances, giving users more control over their finances.

Play Store Apple Store
4.3/5 rating, 25.1k Reviews 4.8/5 rating
500k+ Downloads 44.6K Ratings


  • Generous Cash Advances
  • Easy-to-Use Interface


  • Limited to Eligible Employers
  • Service Availability

11. DailyPay

Image representing Dailypay app on apple store

DailyPay is an app that gives employees early access to their earned wages before payday. As an alternative to Dave, it helps you to get a portion of your wages in advance for immediate financial needs. With its user-friendly interface and focus on financial well-being, DailyPay promotes financial empowerment.

Play Store Apple Store
4.6/5 rating, 118k Reviews 4.8/5 rating
1M+ Downloads 44.6K Ratings


  • DailyPay offers up to 100% of earned wages.
  • Advance access to wages helps avoid fees and promotes better financial health.


  • Availability depends on employer partnerships.
  • Transaction fees may apply, affecting the overall amount received.

12. Possible

Image representing Possible app on apple store

Possible is a user-friendly app that offers cash advances of up to $500 to help you manage unexpected expenses. As an alternative to Dave, Possible understands the importance of meeting immediate financial needs.

Play Store Apple Store
3.9/5 rating, 50.2k Reviews 4.8/5 rating
1M+ Downloads 102.5K Ratings


  • Convenient cash advances up to $500.
  • Fast and easy application process.


  • Limited borrowing amount.
  • Repayment due by next paycheck.

13. FloatMe

Image representing FloatMe app on apple store

FloatMe is an app that provides convenient cash advances of up to $50 to help cover unexpected expenses. Similar to Dave, FloatMe focuses on addressing immediate financial challenges. With a user-friendly interface and accessible cash advance options, FloatMe aims to simplify your financial journey quickly.

Play Store Apple Store
4.4/5 rating, 43.4k Reviews 4.8/5 rating
1M+ Downloads 70.5K Ratings


  • Small Cash Advances
  • Simple Process


  • Limited Borrowing Amount
  • Repayment Obligations

14. Grid

Image representing Grid app on apple store

Grid is a user-friendly app that offers cash advances up to $200 and grants access to tax refunds. As an alternative to Dave, Grid understands the importance of providing timely financial assistance. With its easy-to-use interface and versatile features, Grid aims to empowers you in managing your finances effortlessly.

Play Store Apple Store
3+/5 rating 4.7/5 rating
500k+ Downloads 15.8K Ratings


  • Access up to $200 for unexpected expenses or emergencies.
  • Conveniently receive tax refunds through the Grid app.


  • The $200 cash advance limit may not cover larger financial needs.
  • Responsible budgeting is essential to meet repayment obligations.

15. Vola Finance

Image representing Vola Finance app on apple store

Vola Finance is a user-friendly app offering cash advances up to $300 without interest or hidden fees. As an alternative to Dave, it prioritizes transparency and simplicity in its financial solutions. It aims to help users manage their immediate financial challenges effectively.

Play Store Apple Store
3+/5 rating 4.5/5 rating
100k+ Downloads 17.6K Ratings


  • Borrow up to $300 without any additional interest charges.
  • It provides clear and upfront information about fees, ensuring transparency.


  • Limited Borrowing Amount
  • It may have specific suitable criteria for accessing cash advances.

16. Earnin

Image representing Earnin app on apple store

It is a financial technology platform designed to help individuals access their earned wages before their next payday. It offers a mobile app that allows users to track their working hours and withdraw a portion of their already-earned money quickly. With no mandatory fees and no credit check, Earnin aims to provide financial flexibility.

Play Store Apple Store
4.6/5 rating, 229k Reviews 4.7/5 rating
500M+ Downloads 267.3K Ratings


  1. Fast access to earned wages
  2. No mandatory fees or interest


  1. Requires regular employment
  2. Withdrawal limits on the amount

17. SoLo Funds

Image representing Solo Fund app on apple store

Solofunds is a community-based financial platform designed to provide support and assistance to its members. It offers lending and borrowing services with fair terms and transparent processes. They aim to create a more human-centered approach to financial services.

Play Store Apple Store
4.1/5 rating, 14.1k Reviews 4.4/5 rating
100k+ Downloads 23.1K Ratings


  • Supportive community for lending and borrowing.
  • Fair terms and transparent processes.


  • Limited services compared to traditional banks.
  • Additional services may require separate registrations.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What is a cash advance app?

A cash advance app is a mobile application that allows users to access short-term loans quickly and conveniently.

Q: Are these alternative apps safe to use?

Yes, these alternative apps prioritize user safety and employ advanced security measures to protect personal and financial information.

Q: What are the eligibility criteria to use these apps?

Eligibility criteria vary across different apps but commonly involve factors such as employment status, regular income, and age verification.

Q: Are these apps available on both Android and iOS devices?

Yes, most cash advance apps are available for both Android and iOS devices, allowing a wide range of users to utilize their services.

Q: What happens if I don’t repay the cash advance?

Failure to repay the cash advance can result in additional fees, collection efforts, and potential damage to your credit score.