Instacart is a popular job app that offers on-demand grocery delivery services. It connects customers with personal shoppers who deliver groceries directly to their homes. However, when it comes to finding the best apps like Instacart, it’s essential to explore alternative options.

These alternatives provide a wide range of job opportunities that can offer flexibility, competitive pay, and unique experiences.

Key Takeaways:

  • Food Delivery Apps: UberEats, GrubHub, Postmates, Favor, Shipt, GoPuff, Caviar, Dumpling.
  • Grocery Delivery Apps: Amazon Shopping, Hello Fresh, DoorDash.
  • Multi-Service Delivery Apps: ParaWorks for Drivers, Time To Eat, FoodFetched, King Courier, Curri, Bagged n’ Brought, Waiter, TaskRabbit, Spark Driver, Lyft, WagWalking.
  • VisionVix as a PWA Developer: Experienced in crafting web apps and PWAs.

Food Delivery Apps:

These Mobile apps let you order food from restaurants. They make it convenient to satisfy cravings without leaving home. You can browse restaurants, customize your order, and track the delivery. However, they also offer job opportunities.

1. UberEats

Image Representing UBereats App on Apple Store alternative to instacart

UberEats is a popular food delivery app that allows you to order food from local restaurants. It provides a suitable platform for customers to browse menus, place orders, and have meals delivered right to their doorstep. With its user-friendly interface, Uber Eats makes it easy for anyone to satisfy their cravings without leaving the comfort of their home.

How to earn from it?

  1. Deliver food
  2. Partner with restaurants
  3. Referral program
Play Store Apple Store
4.4/5 Ratings, 5.34M Reviews 4.8/5 rating
100M+ Downloads 8M Reviews


  1. Wide restaurant selection
  2. Real-time order tracking


  1. Varying delivery fees
  2. Limited availability

2. GrubHub

Image Representing GrubHub App on Apple Store alternative to instacart

Grubhub is an online food delivery platform that connects hungry customers with a wide selection of restaurants in their area. It allows you to browse through various menus, place orders, and have delicious meals delivered right to your home. You can satisfy your cravings with a diverse range of cuisines, including pizza, Chinese, Mexican, sushi, and much more.

How to earn from it?

  1. Deliver food
  2. Partner with restaurants
  3. Referral program
Play Store Apple Store
4.5/5 Ratings, 848k Reviews 4.7/5 rating
10M+ Downloads 4.1M Reviews


  • Wide selection of restaurants
  • User-friendly experience.


  • Potential delays
  • additional costs.


Postmates apps offer on-demand delivery services for a variety of items, including food, groceries, and even household supplies. It connects customers with a wide network of couriers who pick up and deliver orders to their desired locations.

3. Favor

Image Representing favor App on Apple Store

Favor is a unique job app that offers more than just delivery services. It allows you to be a personal assistant by delivering anything from tacos to groceries and even dry cleaning. This app provides you the opportunity to earn serious cash and explore your city while helping customers with their needs.

How to earn from it?

  1. Earn from delivery fees & tips
  2. Increase earnings by completing more Favors
  3. Refer friends to join and earn cash
Play Store Apple Store
4.5/5 Ratings, 12.4k Reviews 4.7/5 rating
100k+ Downloads 23.7k Reviews


  • Flexible schedule
  • Additional earnings through tips


  • Device requirement: iPhone or Android
  • Transportation and record criteria

4. Shipt

Image Representing Shipt App on Apple Store is a website where you can earn money by shopping for groceries and delivering them to customers. It offers a flexible schedule and the opportunity to earn tips. You get to choose when you work, which is super flexible. Plus, you have the chance to earn tips from customers, which can add to your earnings.

How to earn from it?

  1. You can become a delivery person.
  2. Choose your working hours to fit your commitments.
  3. You can get tips that add extra to your income.
Play Store Apple Store
4.2/5 Ratings, 31.5k Reviews 5 rating
1M+ Downloads 2 Reviews


  1. Choose your schedule.
  2. Opportunity to earn a decent income.


  1. Poor ratings may affect future orders.
  2. Job involves physical exertion and potential vehicle

5. GoPuff

Image Representing Gopuff App on Apple Store

Gopuff is an online platform that delivers a wide range of products. You can order groceries, snacks, ice cream, drinks, health and home essentials, and more. They provide fast and reliable home delivery. It also offers a chance to make money.

How to earn from it?

  1. Join as a delivery partner and earn money by delivering orders.
  2. Promote your product or service to a wide audience.
  3. Earn commissions by referring customers or driving sales.
Play Store Apple Store
4.6/5 Ratings, 75.7k Reviews 4.8 rating
5M+ Downloads 198.7k Reviews


  • Convenience
  • Job opportunities


  • Limited product availability
  • Competitive market

6. Caviar

Image Representing Caviar App on Apple Store

Caviar is a website and mobile app that helps you get delicious food from local restaurants. They partner with the best restaurants in your city by providing you with a wide variety of food options. You can save time by scheduling orders for later. They also offer a subscription service called “DashPass” to save money on delivery fees.

How to earn from it?

  1. Earn by delivering orders on your schedule.
  2. Get rewards or bonuses by referring others to use Caviar.
  3. Expand your customer base and increase revenue by partnering with Caviar.
Play Store Apple Store
4.6/5 Ratings, 23.1k Reviews 4.8 rating
1M+ Downloads 165.4k Reviews


  • Convenient access to local restaurant food.
  • Flexible job opportunities.


  • Limited availability in certain areas.
  • Potential competition from other delivery services.

7. Dumpling

Image Representing Dumpling App on Apple Store

Dumpling is a platform designed for individuals and businesses involved in vacation grocery delivery, vacation rental companies, and personal shoppers. It provides tools and technology to improve efficiency in the grocery delivery industry. Whether you’re a professional shopper, a vacation rental company, or a personal shopper serving local clients, it offers tailored solutions to enhance your grocery delivery experience.

How to earn from it?

  • Deliver groceries to vacationers efficiently.
  • Offer branded pre-arrival grocery experiences.
  • Serve local clients as a professional shopper
Play Store Apple Store
3.7/5 Ratings, 139 Reviews 4.9 rating
10k+ Downloads 8.6k Reviews


  • Streamlined operations for groceries, rentals
  • Customization and branding options.


  • Limited target audience.
  • Potential competition.

Grocery Delivery Apps:

Grocery delivery apps are handy mobile applications that make it easy to order groceries right from your phone and have them delivered to your doorstep. These apps provide a convenient alternative to going to the grocery store in person. With just a few taps, you can explore a wide selection of food and household items.

8. Amazon Shopping

Image Representing Amazon Shopping App on Apple Store

Amazon Shopping is a popular grocery delivery app that allows you to comfortably shop for a wide variety of products ranging from electronics. With a user-friendly interface and extensive product selection, the app offers a seamless shopping experience. Additionally, the app provides the convenience of doorstep delivery and fast shipping options, ensuring that you receive your orders promptly.

How to earn from it:

  • Sign Up for the Amazon Associates Program
  • Promote Products Through Affiliate Links
  • Utilize Social Media and Email Marketing
Play Store Apple Store
4.2/5 Ratings, 3.66M Reviews 4.8 rating
500M+ Downloads 7.8k Reviews


  1. Extensive Product Selection
  2. Fast and Reliable Delivery


  1. Competition from Third-Party Sellers
  2. User Interface Complexity

9. Hello Fresh

Image Representing Hello Fresh App on Apple Store

HelloFresh is a suitable grocery delivery app that specializes in delivering fresh ingredients and chef-crafted recipes straight to your doorstep. With a user-friendly interface, the app allows you to browse a variety of delicious meal options. It also offers step-by-step instructions that make cooking at home a breeze.

How to earn from it:

  • Participate in the referral program.
  • Share your unique referral code with friends and family.
  • Encourage them to sign up using your referral code.
Play Store Apple Store
4.3/5 Ratings, 147k Reviews 4.7 rating
10M+ Downloads 164.4k Reviews


  • Convenient Meal Planning
  • Variety of Dietary Options


  • Limited Flexibility
  • Potential Packaging Waste

10. Door Dash

Image Representing Doordash App on Apple Store

DoorDash is a popular grocery delivery app that connects you with local restaurants and stores to get groceries and meals delivered right to your doorsteps. With a wide selection of options, you can browse through various foods and grocery items. The app provides real-time tracking of orders and offers contactless delivery for added convenience.

How to earn from it:

  • Sign up as a DoorDash driver.
  • Accept and complete delivery requests from customers.
  • Earn money through base pay, promotions, and customer tips.
Play Store Apple Store
4.7/5 Ratings, 4.17M Reviews 4.8 rating
50M+ Downloads 17.6M Reviews


  1. Wide Restaurant and Store Selection
  2. Flexible Earning Opportunities


  1. Increased Competition
  2. Dependency on External Factors

Multi-Service Delivery Apps:

Multi-service delivery apps are versatile mobile applications that offer a wide range of on-demand services all in one place. These apps are designed to make your life easier by connecting you with service providers for various tasks and errands. From food delivery to grocery shopping, transportation, handyman services, and even pet care, multi-service delivery apps have got you covered.

11. ParaWorks for Drivers

Image Representing Parawork App on Apple Store

Withpara is a platform designed for gig delivery drivers. It offers tools and resources to enhance their efficiency and profitability. It provides instant access to critical trip details, helps drivers compare offers from multiple platforms, and offers auto-decline features for unwanted trips. Additionally, it enables drivers to unlock new high-paying job opportunities through ParaWorks.

How to earn from it?

  • Compare and evaluate gig offers from multiple platforms in one place.
  • Access new high-paying scheduled and on-demand job opportunities.
  • Unlock additional revenue streams through your work profile.
Play Store Apple Store
3+/5 Ratings 4.3 rating
10k+ Downloads 6.7k Reviews


  • Increased efficiency and profitability
  • Access to high-paying job opportunities


  • Limited to gig delivery drivers
  • Learning curve for new users

12. Time To Eat

Image Representing Time to eat App on Apple Store

Time2eat is a handy food app that connects people who need food delivery services with drivers who are available for delivery work. It’s like a digital bridge that brings together those seeking quick and convenient food delivery and those looking to earn money through delivery jobs.

How to earn from it?

  1. Sign up and start accepting food delivery requests.
  2. Choose your own working hours based on your schedule.
  3. Earn money through competitive pay rates.
Play Store Apple Store
3+/5 Ratings 3.2 rating
50k+ Downloads 40 Reviews


  • Work on your terms.
  • Opportunity to earn money.


  • High competition among drivers.
  • Vehicle costs and maintenance.

13. FoodFetched

Image Representing Foodfetched App on Apple Store

Foodfetched is a platform that offers food delivery and takeout services from local restaurants. It provides a convenient and easy way for customers to order their favorite meals and have them delivered right to their doorsteps.

How to earn from it?

  1. Become a delivery driver.
  2. Partner your restaurant with
  3. Utilize corporate account services.
Play Store Apple Store
3+/5 Ratings 3.2 rating
50k+ Downloads 40 Reviews


  • Convenient food delivery and takeout options.
  • Earning opportunities for drivers and restaurant partners.


  • Limited to food delivery services.
  • Competitiveness in the food delivery industry.

14. King Courier

Image Representing King curier App on Apple Store

Skyking is a trusted delivery partner in India that has been operating since 1976. They have a wide network of distribution points across the country and deliver over 1,25,000 shipments daily. Their team of professionals aims to provide a satisfying experience to their users.

How to earn from it?

  1. Job opportunities in logistics and delivery services.
  2. Collaborate with them for delivery needs.
  3. Start a delivery business with Skyking.
Play Store Apple Store
3+/5 Ratings 2.3 rating
10T+ Downloads 54 Reviews


  • Wide distribution network
  • Established reputation


  • Limited opportunities outside India
  • Competitive market

15. Curri

Image Representing Curri App on Apple Store

Curri is a platform that specializes in delivery logistics for the construction and industrial supplies industry. It helps businesses grow their sales, reduce risk, and provide excellent customer experiences. With Curri, you can optimize your middle and final-mile deliveries.

How to earn from it?

  1. Drive with Curri as a gig driver or carrier owner.
  2. Use Curri’s platform to book delivery jobs and earn income.
  3. Join their dedicated fleet or freight service and earn as a driver.
Play Store Apple Store
3+/5 Ratings 2.3 rating
10T+ Downloads 54 Reviews


  • Increased sales opportunities
  • Efficient and reliable delivery solutions


  • Limited industry focus
  • Availability may vary by location

16. Bagged n’ Brought

Image Representing Bagged App on Apple Store

Baggednbrought is a job app that connects users with on-demand delivery opportunities. It allows individuals to earn money by delivering various items, such as groceries, packages, and meals, to customers in their local area.

How to earn from it?

  1. Sign up as a delivery driver and accept delivery requests from customers.
  2. Complete deliveries efficiently and earn tips from satisfied customers.
  3. Maximize your earnings by delivering during peak hours or high-demand times.
Play Store Apple Store
Not yet 5 rating
100+ Downloads 1 Review


  • Flexible work hours
  • Increased earning potential


  • Availability may vary by location
  • Limited to specific service areas

17. Waiter

Image Representing Waiter App on Apple Store

Waiter is a job app that offers opportunities for delivery drivers in multiple cities. It specializes in delivering fresh and delicious meals from top restaurants to fuel teams in offices. You can easily order customized meals to fit specific preferences and dietary needs.

How to earn from it?

  1. Sign up as a delivery driver and start delivering meals to offices.
  2. Provide reliable and excellent food delivery services
  3. Respond to on-demand office meal requests by delivering a wide array of delicious choices right on time.
Play Store Apple Store
2.5/ 5 Rating, 147 Reviews 2.1 rating
10k+ Downloads 173 Review


  • Flexible work hours
  • Access to diverse restaurant menus


  • Limited availability in some locations
  • Competitive environment for delivery drivers

18. TaskRabbit

Image Representing Task Rabit App on Apple Store

TaskRabbit is a helpful website that connects people who need help with tasks to individuals looking to earn extra money. As a Tasker, you can choose the tasks you want to do and work on your schedule. It’s a flexible way to make some additional income.

How to earn from it?

  1. Create a profile and start offering your skills to complete tasks for others.
  2. Determine how much you want to charge for your services, giving you control over your.
  3. It offers a wide range of tasks, from cleaning and moving to handyman services and more.
Play Store Apple Store
4.0/ 5 Rating, 15k Reviews 4.8 rating
1M+ Downloads 41.3k Review


  • Flexibility in choosing tasks and setting your schedule
  • Opportunity to earn extra income


  • Competition from other Taskers
  • Dependence on customer ratings for success

19. Spark Driver

Image Representing Spark driver App on Apple Store

It is a job app called Spark Driver that allows individuals to become delivery drivers for Walmart and other businesses. By using the app, drivers can shop for items or deliver them to customers. All they need is a car and a smartphone to get started.

How to earn from it?

  • Choose delivery offers and earn for each completed delivery
  • Flexible schedule for shopping or delivering
  • Opportunity to reach a large customer base and earn tips
Play Store Apple Store
4.4/ 5 Rating, 53.3k Reviews 4.5 rating
1M+ Downloads 81k Review


  • Be your boss
  • Flexible schedule


  • Eligibility requirements
  • Background checks and reviews

20. Lyft

Image Representing Lyft App on Apple Store

Lyft is a platform that connects drivers with riders, offering reliable and convenient transportation services. If you need a quick ride or want to schedule one in advance, Lyft can get you where you need to go.

How to earn from it?

  • Drive on your schedule and earn money for each ride.
  • Keep your tips and have the option to cash out instantly.
  • Join Lyft Pink for extra benefits like priority pickup and exclusive savings
Play Store Apple Store
3.9/ 5 Rating, 341k Reviews 4.9 rating
50M+ Downloads 13.8M Review


  • Flexible work schedule
  • Opportunity to earn money


  • Competition with other drivers
  • Income fluctuates with customer demand

21. WagWalking

Image Representing Wagwalking App on Apple Store

Wagwalking is a website that connects pet caregivers with pet owners by providing a reliable platform for pet care services. This platform allows you to earn money while taking care of adorable pets and making a positive impact on their lives.

How to earn from it?

  • Sign up and offer your pet care services locally.
  • Use the Wag app to manage appointments.
  • Build a strong reputation to attract more clients.
Play Store Apple Store
3.7/ 5 Rating, 8.37k Reviews 4.7 rating
1M+ Downloads 52.2k Review


  • Flexible work schedule
  • Opportunity to spend time with animals


  • Competition with other caregivers
  • Earnings may vary

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Are there other apps like Instacart?

Yes, there are many other job apps like Waiter, Spark Driver, Time to eat, Favor and more. These apps offer similar services to Instacart.

Q: Are these apps available worldwide?

Availability may vary by location, so it’s essential to check if the app operates in your area.

Q: Are these apps suitable for part-time work?

Yes, many people use these job apps for part-time work due to their flexibility and potential for earning supplemental income.