Klaviyo is a powerful email marketing software that helps businesses to make strong connections with their audience. When you start with email marketing, it’s crucial to choose the right Email Service Provider (ESP). This decision directly affects how successful your email campaigns will be.

When considering Klaviyo pricing it’s important to know what features it has, its limitations, and how much it costs.

Key takeaways:

  • Klaviyo offers personalized email campaigns, advanced automation, and robust analytics.
  • Consider the cost per user and potential migration fees when evaluating Klaviyo’s pricing.
  • Klaviyo’s pricing structure is transparent and simple.
  • It offers a free plan, the basic plan costs $20/month, and the standard costs $35/month.
  • Use Klaviyo’s pricing calculator to estimate costs based on your email list size.
  • Compare Klaviyo’s pricing and features with competitors like ActiveCampaign and Constant Contact.

Klaviyo Pricing Calculator

Klaviyo Pricing Calculator helps you to estimate the cost of using Klaviyo based on your email list size.

By simply inputting the number of subscribers on your list, the calculator generates an estimate of the pricing tier that aligns with your specific needs.

Using the calculator is straightforward. Here is the step-by-step guide:

Klaviyo pricing option

  • Locate the Pricing Calculator section.

Klaviyo calculator

  • Input your email list size.

Add your contacts numbers in klaviyo calculator

  • Review the estimate generated.
  • Evaluate the pricing and included features.

Klaviyo pricing

  • Make an informed decision based on the estimate.

Benefits of using the Klaviyo calculator:

  • Accurate Pricing Estimation: It provides an accurate estimate of the cost based on your email list size.
  • Time Efficiency: It simplifies the pricing estimation process. It saves you time and effort in manually calculating the costs.
  • Informed Decision-making: After understanding the potential costs, you can make informed decisions to choose the pricing plan that best suits your business needs.

Understanding Klaviyo’s Pricing Structure:

Klaviyo has recently made changes to its pricing. They offer a free plan to get started with basic email marketing, but it has limitations like a maximum of 250 contacts and 500 monthly email sends.

klaviyo prices

To access more advanced features and cater to larger contact lists, there are paid plans available.

Each paid plan comes with a range of features like targeted segmentation, automation builders, integrations, A/B testing, customer profiles, and more. The cost of each plan depends on the size of your contact list and email volume.

You should consider your business needs and budget to choose the right plan that will help you scale your marketing efforts effectively.

Pros and Cons of Klaviyo Pricing

Here are the pros and cons of Klaviyo pricing:


1. Transparent and Simple Pricing:

Klaviyo’s pricing structure is straightforward to understand. The different pricing tiers are clearly defined based on the number of contacts and email sent.

2. No Setup Cost and All-Inclusive Features:

There are no setup fees involved. This means businesses can start using the platform without any initial expenses and it is great for those with limited budgets. Additionally, Its paid plans offer a wide range of features.


1. Considerations for Cost per User:

It’s important to consider the cost per user when evaluating Klaviyo’s pricing. Each user may require an account, which can cause additional costs. Business owners should consider the number of users and their level of access to accurately assess the overall pricing.

2. Impact on Migration Services:

If a business is planning to migrate from another email marketing platform to Klaviyo, it’s important to consider the potential costs associated with the migration process. This may include fees for transferring contact lists, setting up automation workflows, and additional support during the migration.

Klaviyo Pricing Comparison

Klaviyo Pricing vs. Mailchimp

Klaviyo vs mailchimp

When comparing Klaviyo pricing to Mailchimp, consider features, costs, benefits, and drawbacks. You can easily decide which is best for your business needs.


  • Klaviyo: A popular marketing platform that helps businesses connect with their audience through personalized email campaigns. Features include segmentation, automation, customizable forms, and personalized product recommendations.
  • Mailchimp: A wide email marketing and automation brand offering pre-built templates, integrations, reporting and analytics, A/B testing, and automated customer journeys. Mailchimp also provides dynamic content, campaign management, and advanced segmentation.

Klaviyo focuses on personalized email campaigns and customer profiles, while Mailchimp offers a range of features for email marketing and automation.

Pricing Comparison:

Pricing Features Klaviyo Mailchimp
Free Plan Yes, with limited features and email support Yes, with limited features
Email and SMS Starting at $35/month for 251 – 500 contacts & 5000 emails, 1250 SMS/MMS


Starting at $6/month for 5000 emails
Email Starting at $20/month for 251 – 500 contacts & 5000 emails,150 SMS/MMS


Starting at $10/month for 6000 emails
Free Plan Limit 500 monthly email sends, 150 free SMS credits 1000 email send
Premium Plan Starting at $190/month for 10,000 contacts Starting at $175/month for 150,000 emails
Segmentation Advanced segmentation capabilities Segmentation features available
Automation Automation workflows for email campaigns Automation workflows for email campaigns
eCommerce Integr. Integration with various eCommerce platforms Integration with popular eCommerce platforms
Analytics Analytics and reporting for insights Reporting and analytics features available
Customer Support Email and chat support 24/7 email and chat support

Benefits and Drawbacks:

  • Benefits: Klaviyo offers personalized email campaigns, advanced automation, and robust analytics. It helps businesses engage customers with tailored content, saves time through automated workflows, and provides valuable insights for tracking.
  • Drawbacks: There may be a slight learning curve for new users, higher pricing plans, and limited integration options.


  • Benefits: It offers a user-friendly interface, diverse features, and affordable pricing plans, making it accessible for businesses of all sizes.
  • Drawbacks: However, personalization options may be limited, automation capabilities may be basic, and customer support may have limitations for lower-tier users.

Klaviyo Pricing Reviews

Customers have expressed positive feedback about Klaviyo’s pricing. They appreciate the value they receive in terms of features, automation, and overall performance.

klaviyo customers reviews

Source: Shopify.com

Many users find Klaviyo to be a comprehensive and effective solution for their email marketing needs.

However, some customers have mentioned that the pricing can be a bit expensive, especially for smaller businesses or those with limited budgets.

Klaviyo customers reviews about pricing

Overall, customers have reported high satisfaction levels with Klaviyo’s pricing and the value they receive for the cost. Its advanced features and capabilities, such as segmentation, A/B testing, and personalized content, contribute to customers feeling that they are getting their money’s worth.

Klaviyo customer review

Source: G2.com

Klaviyo Comparison With Competitors in Pricing:


  • Its pricing is based on the number of contacts.
  • Free Plan Available.
  • Starter plan (Only Email) costs $20 per month for up to 500 contacts.
  • Premium plan (Email & SMS) costs $35 per month for up to 500 contacts and 500 emails.
  • As your contact list grows, the cost increases accordingly.


Activecampaign pricing

  • ActiveCampaign’s pricing model is based on the number of subscribers you have and the features you need.
  • Free Plan Available.
  • Lite Plan Costs $29/month with 1000 emails
  • Plus Plan costs $49/month with 1000 emails and advanced features
  • Professional Plan Costs $149/month with 2500 emails and other features
  • Enterprise Plan Costs $259/month with 2500 emails, custom reporting, and more features

Constant Contact:

Constant contact pricing

  • Constant Contact’s pricing is based on the number of contacts you have in your database.
  • 14 days trial available.
  • Lite Plan costs $12/month with 1 GB Storage
  • Standard Plan costs $35/month with 10 GB Storage
  • Pro Plan costs $80/month with 25 GB Storage
  • Each Plan has specific features and support options

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VisionVix’s performance as a PWA developer:

Key Features VisionVix’s PWA Development
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  1. Framework Familiarization: Understand the underlying frameworks of your existing SPA.
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  4. Service Worker Integration: Implement service workers for offline functionality and file caching.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Can you use Klaviyo for free?

Yes, Klaviyo does offer a free plan that allows you to get started with basic email marketing. However, it has limitations, such as a maximum of 250 contacts and 500 monthly email sends.

Q: How much does Klaviyo cost?

Klaviyo offers various pricing plans. Its standard plan costs $20/month and its premium is $35/month.

Q: What features are included in Klaviyo’s pricing plans?

Klaviyo’s pricing plans offer a range of features, including targeted segmentation, automation builders, integrations with eCommerce platforms, A/B testing, customer profiles, and more.

Q: Can I estimate the cost of using Klaviyo?

Yes, Klaviyo offers a Pricing Calculator on their website. By inputting your email list size, the calculator generates an estimate of the pricing

Final Thoughts:

Klaviyo has a concise pricing structure so that users can customize it according to their needs and budget. While some users have mentioned that its prices are higher and there may be additional costs to consider, Klaviyo offers advanced features and capabilities that deliver value to customers.

There are also other options available like Mailchimp, and Active Campaign. You can compare and choose the platform that best fits your business needs and budget.